12 January 2013

Bhola Moira


Even before the birth of the intellectual discourse of subaltern studies, the Kobiyals of Bengal were ruling the roost and entertaining one and all with their brand of 'torja', 'pachali', 'kheur', 'akhrai', 'kobigaan', 'toppa', 'tukkagiti' etc.

One of the most famous Kobiyals of all time, "Bhola Moira" describes the special features of the various districts of Bengal in one of his songs : 

"The mug of Mymensingh is better, and the kai fish of Khulna;

Dhaka's pataksir is better, and the yoghurt of Bankura;

The sweetmeat makers of Krishnanagar are better, and the mangoes of Malda;

Ulo's male monkeys are better, and the blackberries of Murshidabad;

The fathers-in-law of Rangpur are better, and the sons-in-law of Rajshahi;

The boats of Noakhali are better, and the midwives of Chittagong;

The Kayets of Dinajpur are better, and the wine sellers of Howrah;

The Vaishnavas of Pabna are better, and the mudi of Faridpur;

The cultivators of Burdwan are better, and the milkmen of 24-Paraganas;

The girls of Guptipara are better-beware your line will soon become extinct;

The fighters and ruffians of Hughli are better, and the buttermilk of Birbhum;

It is better if the rhythm of the dhak stops and all utter the name of Hari in chorus..."


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