12 January 2013

"Jhumri Talaiya" and "Vividh Bharati"


"Jhumri Talaiya" is a small town in the Koderma district of present day Jharkhand. Originally it was unknown in the rest of India. However from 1957, this town became very very very famous because of its connection with "Vividh Bharati".

The largest number of requests for film songs used to come from this town. Radio listeners in "Jhumri Talaiya" used to compete against eachother to send out the maximum song requests. This became their favourite pastime and in course of time every Indian came to know about the name of this town. 

However throughout India, many listeners used to doubt the existence of such a place, and thus the name "Jhumri Talaiya" came to be associated with any less-known or insignificant place. This reference can be found in many films and songs...


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