29 July 2013



An integral part of my childhood came alive recently at NDTV Profit where while surfing through channels I suddenly came across a re-telecast of 1991's "The World This Week" hosted by a young Pranoy Roy. In my childhood years I don't think I ever missed a single episode of this informative and innovative news and current affairs programme. Pranoy Roy with his black hair and a black beard looked very much intellectual yet warm and affectionate. NDTV Profit is showcasing a segment titled "NDTV at 25", also called "NDTV Classics". It is immensely pleasurable to watch these good old shows all over again and relive those childhood days. 

In this 1991's episode, Pranoy Roy talked about the Oscar nominations of that year. Among other films what caught my attention was the clip of the film "Awakenings". I immediately knew that I have to watch this film as soon as possible. 

The next day I went to the American Library and went to the dvd section. Believe me or not, the first dvd which caught my eye was that of "Awakenings". Was it just a coincidence? Did I have a telepathic connection with it? Was I unconsciously and/or subconsciously thinking about it and hence it manifested before my eyes through some divine intervention? I am a member of the American Library for so many years, yet never saw this dvd in their collection before. 

I immediately issued it, came back home and watched it. A beautiful film with great performances by Robin Williams and Robert Di Nero. Three scenes impressed me the most. 

Firstly the scene where Robert Di Nero catches the ball for the first time and throws it back towards Robin Williams. This is the scene which was shown in "The World This Week" episode and this scene attracted me towards the film. 

Secondly the scene where the catatonic patients play a game of cards. The patients just hold the cards in their hands and sit there motionless. However once the nurse takes a card from one of their hands and puts it on the table, all the other patients start playing the game instantly. 

And the last scene of the film which ends with the words of Robin Williams "Lets Begin"... 


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