12 August 2013

Happy Birthday to Me...


Today is my birthday. Sms-es and phone-calls started pouring in from yesterday midnight. The first person to wish me on the stroke of midnight is really a very special person in my life. Loved the above Google doodle first thing in the morning. My Childhood Sweetheart wished me at 6 a.m. after quite a few years. It made my day. Was sub-consciously missing her for a long time. 

There was a time when there were no friends beside me. Only she was there then. She has always stood beside me through thick and thin. I have always loved her for that. She never had any lack of friends in her life. She was always the centre of gravity and attraction in her group of friends. On the other hand I was always lonely to the point that I actually felt nirvana in my loneliness. Still today I don't understand what she saw in me and why she has always kept the flame of our friendship burning through all these 16 years. 

In school we used to sit side by side. Two students shared a single desk. In our school and college days she used to call and wish me Happy Birthday at midnight. She was my best friend. 

She will remain my best friend throughout my life. No one can take her place. I am really blessed to have someone like her in my life. Many times I have behaved badly with her, was rude to her and on several occasions have avoided and neglected her intentionally. Still her Love for me was and is intact. She still continued being my best friend. She has proved time and again what real friendship is all about. 

Friendship is trillion times better than those stupid boyfriend/girlfriend stuff. In the last 16 years that we know each other, our friendship never developed into romance, though there were several chances of that happening, but fortunately or unfortunately it didn't. What we had between us was something extra-special. Our wavelengths matched perfectly. Even before opening our mouths one would exactly know what the other one was going to say. 

However for the last few years we were not on talking terms because of some silly misunderstandings. I am to be blamed for that. It was all my fault. Whatever happened was entirely because of my misinterpretations. The people who read my Blog know by now that I am a very bad boy and am ill-behaved, arrogant, obnoxious, dominating, selfish, demented, hot-headed and bad-tempered. I am a very difficult person to be friends with. 

I would have never sms-ed or called her number because of my f*****g ego. I didn't even wish her on her birthdays in the last few years, though I wanted to wish her from deep inside, but still didn't wish her. But she is sweet enough to forgive me and wish me today on her own. I guess everything will be fine now and we can resume our friendship. Life is too short for silly feuds. Anyone who is reading this right now, please realize this fact. Life is indeed too short and this World is just too wonderful. 

Uploaded the above pic as my Facebook Cover. Searched almost all the folders in my Computer and finally found the above pic. As a child I used to have great birthday parties. All my cousins along with my uncles and aunts would come and celebrate. We all used to have a gala time. My mother cooks the best food in the entire cosmos and on my birthdays she used to make extra delicious items. And I loved receiving gifts. I remember those big bags which we used to fill up with all kinds of goodies and then hang them from the ceiling, and then the kids would burst it with sticks and collect all those little toys, toffees, chocolates etc. 

Eleven years back my First-Love had come to my place on my birthday. That day it had rained a lot and our Lake Gardens area was waterlogged. She almost swam across to meet me. She had also made a special birthday card for me. I still have that card.  She thought that the birthday cards available on the market would not be able to convey her feelings properly. So sweet of her. These personal touches matter the most. Last year she got married on my birthday. Today is her first marriage anniversary. I wish her a very happy married life. May she have all the pleasures of the World and be the happiest woman in the entire Planet. 

I have always loved chocolate cakes with those eatable red roses. Actually I prefer all kinds of cakes, but just have a slight soft-corner for chocolate ones. And I don't have any particular fascination for any particular cake shop and love all of them - Nahoum's, Kookie Jar, Upper Crust, Monginis, Sugar n Spice, Jalajog etc. On the subject of cakes, I follow Saif Ali Khan's principle from Dil Chahta Hai and that is Cake khaane ke liye hum kaahi bhi jaa saaktey hai

And here is today's birthday cake from this new shop beautifully named Paris Cafe at Ballygunge. The cake was heavenly and it just melted inside the mouth. Eating this cake was like french-kissing Catherine Deneuve, Laetitia Casta, Brigitte Bardot, Juliette Binoche, Eva Green, Sophie Marceau and Marion Cotillard all together. Loved the cake-box too. Very cute and yet elegant. 

Went to dinner at Mocambo with relatives. We got a table within five minutes only because it was a monday night. Otherwise I just hate being part of the waiting crowds in front of restaurants. Even today there were like twenty-five people waiting in front of Peter Cat. At Mocambo I simply love their sizzlers. Had Prawn cocktail, devilled Crab and Irish Chateaubriand Beef Steak. 



And I love their ambience too and those reddish and yellowish lights. Recently I watched this soft, serene and sensual poetry on canvas named Lootera where a scene was shot in Mocambo. After dinner we had gundi-paan at Park Street. I just love gundi-paans and can easily and effortlessly swallow around ten of them. Other favourite places to have gundi-paans are at paan-shops near Jai Hind Dhaba and Soho's. Tonight Park Street was quite empty with very little traffic. Crossed the road, as our car was parked on the Peter Cat side, and stood for some time in front of Music World. While having dinner I had sms-ed "Missing You" to my Childhood Sweetheart. While coming back home, she sms-ed me "miss you too"... 

PS : The day I was born in 1982, that day was Janmashtami too. And it had rained a lot on that day too. It was a thursday. The doctor had told my mother, "Krishno jonmechhey...