16 May 2016

A Chance Meeting


This is an imaginary story about a man and his chance meeting with a woman. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental. 

Rahul first saw Sujata on Facebook. He liked her pics. Some of her pics were really beautiful. He made her most beautiful picture as his laptop wallpaper. He liked her posts too. She seemed very intelligent and well-read. She had a huge knowledge about the history of English Literature. Rahul always likes knowledgeable girls. He hates dumb beauties. Anyways, he sent her a friend request. She took exactly a month to accept it. Once she accepted it, Rahul and Sujata started chatting on and off. Their chats would center around the world of books mostly. 

One day Rahul asked for her phone number. She immediately gave it to him. From that day they also started chatting on Whatsapp too. He never called her, neither did she. He liked her Whatsapp Status Messages. They were really meaningful and profound. She changed her Whatsapp Statuses almost every week and Rahul liked all of them. His Whatsapp Statuses were not that meaningful and/or profound. So to compete with her, he also started updating wise and timeless quotes. He liked it when Sujata commented on his Statuses.    

Rahul wanted to meet her. But she always said no. He started asking her out for coffee at Park Street's Au Bon Pain. She always refused. Sometimes Rahul used to get offended, but he always controlled his temper because he desperately wanted to meet this well-read girl very much. She was so different from the other girls. Rahul told her that if they were destined to meet then they would certainly meet accidentally someday somewhere for sure. 

Months passed like this. Still she did not meet him. Then the miracle happened. It was a Wednesday. After Office, Rahul was going to Au Bon Pain at Park Street. As he was crossing Flurys, he suddenly saw Sujata sitting inside near the glass windows and chatting with a female friend. He immediately went inside Flurys. Sujata instantly recognized him and was pleasantly surprised. Rahul spoke first. Here's how their conversation went:

Hi, recognize me?

Yeah. Rahul.

How are you?

I am fine.

See, I had told you that if were destined to meet then we would certainly meet someday somewhere for sure.  

Yeah. Your prediction came true. By the way, this is my friend Reema. 

Hi Reema.

Reema smiled and said, "Hi". Rahul again spoke to Sujata. 

Its so nice to finally meet you in person. We have been chatting for almost six months now. I guess, today was reserved by destiny for our chance meeting.

Yeah. Would you like to join us?

No. Thanks. Flurys is not my cup of tea. I prefer Au Bon Pain. Anyways nice meeting you. Bye. Take care.


Rahul smiled sweetly at Sujata and left Flurys and entered Au Bon Pain. Sujata was fatter in person. And a bit ugly too. She seemed prettier and slim in her Facebook pics. After seeing her, Rahul did not like her that much. Well, what can I say? Rahul is shallow. He judges people on their outer appearances and not on their inner beauties. He sat alone on the window side of Au Bon Pain and drank his mango lassi. He took out his smart-phone and started checking out his Facebook notifications. And started waiting for the next Sujata to come into his life, hopefully this time a slim and pretty one...


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