11 May 2016



After death, the Soul stays back in this World for a few seconds to maybe a few centuries. No one knows for sure when a Soul will find salvation and/or rebirth. Many factors come into play here. After death the Soul can no longer interact physically with this materialistic World. It can only observe whatever is going on all around. It can travel great distances in almost no time at all. Even the Soul itself does not know how it does it. The Soul can rise to higher planes. But each Soul has its own limitations regarding these higher planes. One Soul can reach a higher plane than another Soul and no matter how hard it tries, the second Soul cannot reach the plane of that first Soul. Souls can also sometimes interact with each others. 

Only in the rarest of the rare cases, a Soul can physically interact with human beings and/or materialistic objects. Suppose Person A kills Person B. Then after death, Person B's Soul would immediately kill Person A out of revenge. And then there would be no need for the criminal justice system. Most criminal lawyers would be out of work! But this is not possible. Only in the rarest of the rare cases, Person B's Soul would be able to bring an end to Person A's life.

A Soul can interact with a living person in his/her dreams. Human beings' dreams have certain stages like the alpha and beta stages. Scientists still do not know about these various stages in a human being's dream. Till now they are only scratching the surfaces. There are even sub-stages between the main stages inside a dream. In a dream, it is possible for a living person to interact successfully with a dead person's Soul. It is also possible to even see future events. Events in the future already exist on an etheric platform. Just as the Past can influence our Present, the Future can also do the same. A person can suffer in the Present for some wrongdoing in his/her Past. Similarly a person can also suffer in the Present for some wrongdoing which he/she is going to commit in the Future. In a dream, a person can also see events from his/her past life and also the events of his/her future lives. Dreams are really very powerful. 

Here I am going to narrate a true supernatural incident which happened to me a few years back. I have had many supernatural events in my life so far, about which I am going to write in future blog posts. One afternoon I was sleeping and dreaming. In my dream I was there at the first floor of our house. From the window I saw a man was hanging in mid air and looking at our neighbour's house. He was wearing a half sleeved shirt and trousers. His age seemed like late fifties. He saw me on my window and immediately smiled at me and came inside my room. 

He sat on my bed. I went and sat in front of him in my dream. He told me that he had died that very morning in a hospital. And he told me that he was very hungry. He was speaking in a very low tone. I could feel that he was weak and tired. He told me that if I could arrange some food for him then he would not be able to eat that food physically but the fact that I had arranged that food exclusively for him would make his hunger go away. Plus he would also be able to absorb some of the energy from that food. Since he had died very recently therefore he still thought that physical food would kill his hunger. Only after some time, say a few days or months, he would realize that he no longer needed physical food, and his Soul would do just fine without it. 

Then I woke up. I was sweating all over my body. My eyes were wide open for atleast five minutes after waking up. I could not close my eyes. The dream was so real. It was dusk by then. I was damn thirsty. I got up from my bed and drank almost one litre of water. I went and told my mother about this dream. She told me that our neighbour's father had died in the morning in a hospital. I had absolutely no idea about this. I arranged for some food and went to our roof and left it there. I folded my hands and asked that Soul to eat this food. Then I came downstairs. I never told my neighbour about this. 

This was the only time when that person's Soul came in my dream. After this event, for several nights before going to sleep I thought about this Soul and wanted him to come again in my dream. But he never did. I had also prepared several questions in my head which I wanted to ask him. But unfortunately he never came again. 


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