6 February 2017

4th February 2017 (Saturday)


My Dear Blog,

Today morning I first went to Office. From there around 2 p.m. I went to the Book Fair. The first thing that I did there was to enter the Food Court and eat chicken biriyani from Alibaba. Ofcourse, I asked for the leg-piece! By now you all know that whenever I eat chicken biriyani, I always ask for the leg-piece. I have a fascination for long yummy legs both in chicken and in women!

After eating biriyani, I drank Thums Up from another stall. Met up with my friends. Started roaming throughout the fair ground. Visited many book stalls. It was really hot and suffocating inside the book stalls. Outside the stalls a nice cool breeze was blowing. Kabir Suman's songs were playing in the loudspeakers. It was so nice to hear those songs. 

Clicked a lot of pictures. Met up with more friends. After some time we again went to the Food Court because my friend's son wanted to have Candy Floss and she wanted to have Fuchhka. My friend's son and his friend started eating Candy Floss. Looking at the two little boys, I also felt like having one. Therefore I immediately bought one for myself. Clicked a few pictures with the Candy Floss in my hand. I have five weaknesses in my life - Women, Horses, Biriyani, Chocolates and Candy Flosses!

This year there are a lot of stalls dedicated to spiritualism, ranging from Osho to Falun Dafa. I also went inside most of them partly in search of inner peace and partly because the stall-girls were quite pretty! I met a lovely cute Vietnamese girl at the Falun Dafa stall. Had a nice little chat with her. Showed off my knowledge about Vietnam. She was really amazed because I know so much about her country. I told her that the greatest irony in this Universe is that the American Consulate in Calcutta lies on the Ho Chi Minh Sarani! She laughed and laughed and laughed on this little piece of information. I also told her that a few years back at the Calcutta Book Fair, the American stall and the Vietnam stall were erected side by side. This is possible only in Calcutta!

In the evening I had a lovely adda with my friends at the Little Magazine Pavilion. Young boys and girls and older men and women of all political colours, from extreme right to extreme left, were hanging out at the Little Magazine Pavilion. Felt sad after looking at the faces of the hardcore ex-Naxalites who have seen the transformation of the times from "Chin-er Chairman Aamader Chairman" to "Chin-er Chowmein Aamader Chowmein"! 

I left the Book Fair around 9 p.m. My initial plan was to go to Some Place Else. But then I felt really tired and therefore came back home, had my dinner and straightaway went to sleep...

Good Night,
With Love, Kisses, Moonbeams and Rainbows,
Raj Gaurav Debnath 


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